About Us

“Chu Liu Xiang (厝留香)” is “Chu Liu Xiang (楚留香)” homophone wording, but also presents in place as long as there is incense, fragrant everywhere.Uphold the left incense real value, we not only incense field, keep learning attitude, experienced cumulative, to present the best incense to find a suitable owner, but also to the understanding of people like incense to find their loved ones. We in southern Malaysia in Southeast Asia, with the Earth’s equator most valuable rainforest, abundant sunshine to produce the perfect photosynthesis, growth and balanced humidity location, but also because it is rich in natural resources, so we have another with incense way of growing space, so that the smell of incense exudes a more unique, rare in the world of fragrance. If you love the incense, whether we have a deeper understanding, but also to the understanding of people who love incense on natural resources and the continuation of this support and love?

The art of agarwood carving

Our company not only loves agarwood incense, but also has a special feeling for the agarwood carvings. Agarwood carvings are an ancient art that is passed down by generations. Each carved piece is a masterpiece of each master craftsmen. Each master has different set of skills therefore, every agarwood carvings are unique. In many cases, each carved piece has already been sold out before they have finish carving. Now our collection of carved pieces can be said to be our own treasure. Come and visit our showroom for a get-together.