Agarwood Zone

Agrawood Incense bracelets, prayer beads also is the best of the best incense, ancient called called agar, more gentle than the incense. Need usually a large incense material, only there may be the odd Nan on a very small part can be regarded as extremely valuable. Old time will often say “Shen Tan Long musk” and “chen” refers to incense. Incense incense elegant, and very rare, since ancient times, is classified as allspice first. Different and sandalwood, incense is not a timber, but a special kind of incense tree “knot” out of a mix of oil (resin) component and solid wood components condensate. And this kind of incense tree wood itself has no special flavor, but more soft wood. According to the present study, several Thymelaeaceae Aquilaria trees, such as the Malay agarwood trees, Wan Hong trees, Indian incense incense tree and so can form.