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Mara OK as a producing in Indonesia, part of Elian Islands. From the form of incense, in fact, this has been achieved form "soil sink", but did not complete carbonation, tentatively considered the "cooked knot" category. If you continue to lodging underground corrosion carbonation, after years, inside and outside the carbonation complete, that we know, "Clay" category, and material crisp, expected to open again, very difficult to do at this time, which is why the market is not carbonized complete soil heavy. Involved over form, went on to say that under the expressive texture. At room temperature has a very strong sense of gas, no Shiraki spicy head of the gas, there is no trickle of rolling green knot-like aroma, but gives an avalanche-like momentum as the Yellow River, a deep sniff a smell, it felt a sobering, original feeling is - satisfied. For this type of texture aloes, artistically, product phase, color, are an important basis to measure the value of the show, a string of top-quality, general goods need to ask a friend to contact the treasurer pictures, prices should be much less . Mara OK Agarwood for an incense-producing areas in Indonesia, located in the northeast corner of Ilion, Ilion affiliated islands. Here aloes produced goods with very diverse, there are a lot of high-quality small timber, also often incense giant trees, the more abundant oil, the color is bright. Mara ok incense, it is rather a single color in general, regardless of butter or black oil, there is little chaotic oil lines, relatively hard texture, ideal for the Machine make or hand make carved pieces made . Oil rich incense, a little twist plate, that would shiny. On the nuances, although there are sweet aromatic, but by the middle of the most Mara Ok areas are very light scent of incense, raw smell is not easy to find, but with a hint of sweet impoverished medicine will taste. Mara ok incense is only in recent years the introduction of new varieties, although the taste better than other traditional areas of Kalimantan rival, but because of the hard texture, for those who like to collection item is a very good choice, in terms of price also has higher cost.

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